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Helping You Look and Feel Your Best!
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About Lynn Hango

As a wholistic health practitioner and advanced microcurrent technician based in Salmo BC. I specialize in microcurrent facial rejuvenation, meridian balancing, access bars, non-needle acupuncture, and reiki energy work.

You deserve to look and feel the best you can!

Through the use of microcurrent technology and

whole body protocols,

I'll help you achieve exactly that! 

What is microcurrent technology?


Microcurrent is a gentle electric current, tuned to the bodies natural frequencies, that stimulates nerve and muscle function and encourages cell regeneration! Giving you a natural face lift without the pain or potentially harmful side effects that come with surgeries and injections! 

The benefits  of micro-current isn't limited to just the lifting of the face... This enhanced healing technology is designed to stimulate acupuncture points without the needle and has been proven to help with specific skin issues as well as increased tissue repair and speedy healing to all parts of the body!

Check out the testimonials page for pictures and stories of real results and links to more information! 


Feel Your Best

"OMG! This girl is AMAZING at what she does! She's worked with me a few times, and I always come out feeling like I can conquer the world!"

- Mandy K.

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Lynn Hango
P.O. Box 1015
Salmo, BC Canada
V0G 1Z0
Tel: 1-780-327-9116


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