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Second Chance Facial Rejuvenation

is the company who developed the protocols I use.

They also provide practitioner training as well as training for the home use device! 

Please click the button below to visit their site and see more before and after photos!

Before                                      After

Bee N. ~ Salmo B.C.

After only one session notice the lift and brightness restored to Bee's eyes! The frown lines between her eyebrows are greatly diminished and her crows feet are nearly gone! Her lips and cheeks also appear to have more definition.  

Eyes before C.JPG

Lynn H. ~ Salmo B.C.

Notice the significant softening of the crease in the hooding of the eye after only one session.

"Lynn is an amazing Reiki Master and so much more. She is so inviting, compassionate, and a loving soul. You can't help but be open and honest in your sessions with her. The space she creates is so accepting; I have come to experience a whole different level of barriers down with her. I highly recommend Lynn; she is amazing and you won't be disappointed."
- Nicole B.

"I had a Reiki session with Lynn and her energy is amazing!! I would 100% recommend her to anyone and everyone! She helped with what I requested for in the session but I also felt so calm after! I hadn't felt that calm in a long time. I also love her mini grid sets that she makes."
- Barb W. 

"I found Lynn's treatment completely effective for a reoccurring issue I had, and haven't had since!"
- Amber S.

"Lynn is beautiful spirit with gentle, calm, healing abilities. I've had a contact session and long
distance session and you can feel the changes."

- Matt S.

"During a session with Lynn, I felt warm, light, and comfortable."
- Trisha D.

"I've known Lynn her whole life and recognized very early on that she would likely explore a vocation in health and wellness on some level. She is by nature, empathetic, intuitive, and compassionate; because of this and her ability to truly listen and identify troubling issues, makes her a natural counsellor. I particularly appreciate her desire to assist in self discovery and empowerment to improve one's own quality of life; Reiki is a natural extension to that end. I didn't have a full understanding of what Reiki was when I had my first treatment, but Lynn's extensive training and knowledge allowed her to explain more clearly about the stress relieving elements of this energy work modality which brings the body and mind to that place where healing can begin. I trusted her completely and fell asleep during the session - which is always a good sign."
- Marilyn J.

"OMG! This girl is AMAZING at what she does! She's worked on me a few times, and I always come out feeling like I can conquer the world! If you have anything going on in your life that isn't normal, you're feeling off, or you want to figure out what's going on with you, talk to Lynn!"
- Mandy K.

If you've had a great experience working with me,
I would love to hear and share your testimonial!
- Lynn 


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